Noche Potosi

Noche Potosi
Iglesia San Bernardo

viernes, 2 de enero de 2015


Sewer design

Using Darcy - Weisbach and Colebrook - White - Prandtl - Von Karman equations.

MathCad (R) product of PTC(R) was used for solve complex equations, also, Hewlett - Packard 49G and 50G can solve that.

Bolivia Sewerage Code NB 688 for relationships as:

- Mínimum tractive stress = 1 Pascal

- Rate of flow :   Design flow / Full flow = 0.15 for Sanitary Sewer  : q/Q = 0.15

- And Others, was used. You can find liks for NB688 in this WEB site.

Alberto Gonzales Murillo, former AWWA member (1978-1980), University Tomas Frias, Bolivia